Co-Founder and Director
from 2014 to 2016.


ZUMO was a student-led publication at the Architecture School of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. The project operated as an extension program of the faculty and open collaboration with artists, writers and cultural institutions on the context of San Jose, Costa Rica. We combined workshops, exhibitions and books focused on architecture and its relationship with the city, using experimental research methodologies like mapping, cartography, automatic / un-creative writing and situationist practices.


The objective of ZUMO was to open a parallel research approach to the city and the built environment, complementing the courses at university and exploring the relationship of architecture with social sciences, art, and visual culture. During the two years of the program, we published four issues and collaborated with institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, independent art galleries and professionals in anthropology, visual arts, pedagogy, curating among others.

Origen (2014)
Paradoxe (2014)
Non_Place (2015)
Informal (2016)