Editor and researcher - Book published at the Architecture School of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology - 2019

In 2017 I received an invitation from the Architecture School of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology to propose and execute a two-year research and extension project. My proposal, (re)HABITAR [(re)HABITATE], targeted the complexities of dwelling and re-habitation on downtown San Jose, a district that shifted its land use and suffered a reduction of almost 80% of its inhabitants in the last decades. 


The methodology of (re)HABITAR combined workshops, research teams and exhibitions. It also opened collaboration with members of the community and TEOR/éTIca, a contemporary art institution at the neighbourhood.  The final result was a book I directed and compiled, liaising with and managing 25 participants from different professional backgrounds, sectors and social groups. The bok included points of view, photographic narratives, invited essays and interviews. The main topics of the research were gentrification, the homogenisation of the city, reduction of space in private housing development, social and spatial inequalities affecting minorities among other relevant issues concerning the built environment.


The publication worked as an opportunity to engage in discussions regarding public policy, urban development and the responsibilities of architecture as an intermediary between public and private sectors. After its publication, in collaboration with the university and local institutions, we have opened spaces for further discussion of the book, and presentation to public authorities.

(re)HABITAR - PDF 2019
ISBN 978-9930-541-61-6