Editor - Book combining architecture and performing arts - 2018

In 2017 I founded a publication platform called ALFABETO with a grant my team and I won from the Ministry of Culture. Our concern was on the research and discussion process, the publication was a tool to enable collaborative research between the authors and us. We edited and published four books between 2018 and 2019.


The most significant one was the collaboration with theatre collective Proyecto EnRojo. After almost a year of editing and research, we published HogarDulceHogar (HomeSweetHome), a book that combines architectural thinking and theatre, focusing on a psychological approach to dwelling, the concept of family and the social power dynamics in the domestic interior. 

The crucial aspect of this project was the process of discussion, critical thinking and collaboration with guest actors, philosophy and psychology professors, writers and artists. The book was an excuse and a tool to create hybrids between architecture, sociology, arts and visual culture, promoting a small community of thinking and encounter. Thanks to this approach, the book won in 2018 the National Culture Prize for best theatre publication of the year. 

HogarDulceHogar - PDF
ISBN 978-9968-492-94-2