Frontera 2015
Video + Edition: Felipe Ramirez, Mauricio Otárola
Music: Giancarlo Liano


Frontera was a way to combine my research in spatial practices with my interest in visual culture and mixed media. After working for a few weeks at the remote area of Alto Chirripó; at the Talamanca mountain chain in Costa Rica; I started to register the expansiveness of its landscape, land use, and spatial organizations. In collaborative research with Felipe Ramirez (architect) and Giancarlo Liano (composer), we decided to narrow the footage to represent the unclear boundaries of the space, its emptiness and sense of non-place. 


The images depict an unclear area, a diffuse limit or transition zone, a place with no name and no ownership. This landscape resonated with the concept of limit of Eugenio Trias as an imaginary place, an inhabited transition zone that defines what's "here" and what's "there". The intention of the video installation was to transport the spectator to that non-place, the big format of the projection and loud sound of the music at the Museum gallery shorten the distance between "here" and "there", transporting the viewer in an effort to inhabit that border.

This project was presented in the Biennale of Video art: Inquieta Imagen, organized by the Museum of Contemporary art and design (MADC) in San Jose, Costa Rica from November 2015 to February 2016