Espaciar Armar Compactar 2017
Graduation Project -
TEC Architecture School

The project is a hybrid between research and design, I proposed a repositioning and reuse of an existing structure to renovate a community centre at the periphery of the metropolitan area of San Jose, Costa Rica. The intention was to create a small scale but efficient intervention on the existing conditions, instead of demolishing and start from a “tabula rasa”, which was the suggestion of the faculty in order to be a “bigger and more complicated” intervention. As a way to defend the small scale approach, I used three design strategies, Espaciar (Spacing) – Armar (Assemble) – Compactar (Compact) to create a new architecture that was respectful to the existing scale, uses and zoning in the community.


The research aspect of the project was focused on demonstrating that a bigger scale was not necessarily a synonym of complexity and that the small scale is closer to the bodily experience of architecture, its social relationships and real possibilities of implementation in suburban contexts. The design strategy aimed to give clarity and legibility to the architecture form and allow multiplication of uses and interactions between the different spaces.